The PVO and ECHS administration are pleased to announce that Grad Night 2024 will be celebrated at Disney's California Adventure theme park, followed by a gift giveaway and final senior sunrise at ECHS!

6/9/2024 to 6/10/2024

PART 1: 11am to 9pm
Graduates will board buses at ECHS on Sunday, June 9, 11am and be transported up to DCA to enjoy all that the park has to offer.

PART 2: 9pm to 2am
DCA will be transformed into an outdoor graduation festival with music and dancing in almost every corner.

PART 3: 2am to 6am
Graduates will be bussed back to ECHS where the PVO will provide breakfast, much-needed coffee, and gifts. Many teachers will stop by for a last minute yearbook signing and final farewell!

Going to Grad Night?

Don't wind up in Disney Jail or get ECHS banned from attending future Disney Grad Night events! Review the official list of Disney Grad Night policies by clicking the link below.
You must stay for the entirety of the Grad Night event.

Since you are likely going to be very tired when the event ends, please consider setting up a group carpool in which a non-participant drops you off at ECHS at 10:30am Sunday morning, and picks you up 6:00am Monday morning.